2022-2057: Exploring The Impact Of Extreme Climate Futures Through Signage
‘Signs of Change’ is for people to think about the future realities that extreme climate change bring into their daily lives and the decisions they’ll need to make as a community.
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Manifesting 'everyday' future policies through signage

From local identity to global manifestations of socio and geo-political issues, signs are explicit declarations of the ways we think and choose to live.

The project uses a speculative design methodology that makes use of the language and role signage plays in people's day-to-day life- to explore alternative ways of living in a rapidly changing environment.

First and foremost, ‘Signs of Change’ is a diverse collection of daily future situations affected by extreme climate change. The collection is formed through a global series of public installations, exhibitions and workshops where at its core sits the ‘Signs of Change’ future facilitation toolkit and the intersectional knowledge of all participants and subject matter experts.

Recent Exhibition:
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