Frequent and extreme climate patterns are changing our cities: affecting how we live and work, reshaping cultural norms, rituals and behaviours.

‘Signs of Change’ is a series of research based installations, workshops and events that explores the effects climate change might have on people's values, culture and ways of living in the near and far future.

We use speculative design methodology that is centered around the language and role urban signage plays in people's day-to-day life to explore alternative ways of thinking about the future.

We work with communities, government and organizations to engage and activate critical climate future thinking using the ‘Signs of Change’s facilitation toolkit.

You can sometimes find ‘Signs of Change’ in the ‘wild’ (coming soon).

For the latest news and updates follow us on instagram: @therealsignsofchange.

‘Signs of Change’ is made possible by funding from the Swedish Innovation Association, Vinnova.