South by Southwest SxSW2024 - Nordics 2050

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As part of a special event ‘Nordics2050’ at the SxSW2024 conference, this workshop focused on exploring AI’s potential in shaping a diverse and thriving culture amidst the challenges of extreme climate disruptions. A diverse group of professionals were invited to explore a landscape of future signage designed to inspire leaders in innovation and creativity. Participants collaborated in small groups, each selecting one sign and its corresponding future scenario to consider. Guided through our workshop formats, each group analyzed the impact of the depicted Sign and scenario from a personal to an organizational level, which they synthesized into a From > TO shift statement. This informed the creation of their future role and subsequent responsibility that they might take on in the future of their organization, actively shaping creative and resilient cultures that lead from the future.
United States, San Francisco
Mar 12 2024
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